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Estoril beach - Sal rei - Boa Vista

Boa Vista, cape Verde

Boa Vista, cape Verde

Holiday Accommodation
Boa Vista Apartments

The apartments are located right at the beach of Estoril. The surfers beach in front of the door of your house, the sound of the ocean in the nighttime silence, a 5 minutes walk to come in the center of Sal Rei - island of Boa Vista (Cape Verde or Cabo Verde)... our apartments are ideal for groups people who prefer apartment accommodation rather than a hotel. In the immediate neighborhood can be hired windsurf, surf, kite and other water sport equipment.

We offer low prices and great value.



Boa Vista holiday accommodation Boa Vista holiday accommodation



Once upon a time, at the cross-road of the three continents that border the Atlantic,
there was a group of islands called Cabo Verde, or Cape Verde.

The mixture of Africa and Portugal, the vast sandy beaches , the impressive mountains,
the delicious seafood and the melodious beauty of its world famous music, its amazing people ...
all distinguished Cape Verde as a destination far away from a world of stress or mass tourism. And you know what, it is still there! One of the last remaining unspoilt regions of the world,
a dream for the individual traveller and a surfers paradise.

Boa Vista, the island hidden in everyone of us, a private and intimate place to discover and
to tresure forever. Holidays on island of Boa Vista - Cape Verde or Cabo Verde will be unforgettable.
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kite, surf, diving, trekking ultra marathon...


Holidays on island Boa Vista - Cape Verde / Cabo Verde will be unforgettable. Holiday Apartments, Boa Vista Accommodations, Surfing and diving, kite, trekking, ultra marathon, a surfers paradise. Best Holiday spot, a mixture of Africa and Portugal. Dream vacation destination.